Stopover in Hong Kong


Hong Kong is a popular tourist destination among Filipinos because of visa-free privilege that we enjoy. Although it’s sometimes become overrated, Hong Kong remains a good place to go to relax and enjoy. But if you are in the city for a stopover, time is of the essence. Continue reading “Stopover in Hong Kong”

A walk around suburban Cape Town


The beach in Fish Hoek area is clean and entrance is free which is great for budget travelers. The mountains are immediately beside the beach which makes a great view at any time of the day. I also noticed that there’s not much people unlike the popular beaches that we have back home. I easily noticed that there are no vendors who will harass you to purchase unnecessary items while you are in the mood for relaxation and silence. In other words, this place is a real getaway from the crowd and noise.

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Walking Around Cape Town

Portrait of Table Mountain, with my friend Kevin

My trip to a certain place isn’t complete without walking randomly and stumbling upon interesting things. Cape Town is known as the Mother City among South Africans.

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My Cape Town Journey

Fish Hoek Station with Table Mountain in the background

I arrived in Cape Town after a long 22 hour flight with three stopovers. From Manila, I flew for two hours to Hong Kong, and then took an overnight 10-hour flight to Addis Ababa in Ethipoia, and then another five and a half hour flight to Johannesburg, before taking the last two hour flight to Cape Town.

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DMZ: The only place where North and South Korea coexist

Visitors look across to North Korea

DMZ or the Demilitarized Zone is a famous place in Korea both in the North and South. It is the only place where the two Koreas coexist. It is possible to visit DMZ from either side. I visited DMZ from the South.

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Ancient Palaces in Seoul

Seeing ancient palaces in Seoul is inevitable when walking. As I like to walk around and exploring without itinerary, I stumbled upon several palaces which names I can’t even remember. Please forgive my laziness to remember their names. There’s only one I can remember which is Gwanghwamun.

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A night in Hongdae

Seoul is a vibrant city and spending a week here is so easy that you don’t have to worry about running out of things to do. A night in Hongdae is a good idea if you want to witness the youthfulness of Korea. The nearest subway station is Hongik University along the green line.

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