My Laos observations

Laos has always been mysterious to me. I only know the country through my Asian history class and apart from that I have no clue at all. Arriving in Laos for the first time makes me excited to explore this landlocked country in Southeast Asia.

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Taipei basic budget for first time visitors

Most first time visitors in Taiwan explore Taipei exclusively and budget is the most common concern. Taiwan is cheap compared with its Asian neighbors like Seoul, Tokyo, and Singapore.

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Xiamen to Fuzhou by high-speed train

High-speed train is a popular choice among travelers from Xiamen to Fuzhou and vice versa. There are trains throughout the day and advance booking is not necessary unless it’s a national holiday, but morning trains tend to be packed everyday.

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How to save one million in 5 years

Disclaimer: Philippine context is used in writing this article.

I received a Facebook private message last week from a friend. She came to realize that she needs to invest in order to grow her hard-earned money . She realized that depositing her money in the bank after several years of work couldn’t do any wonder for her.

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How not to be offloaded in NAIA

NAIA terminal 1
Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 1 Check-in Area

Over the years, I’ve heard horror stories of passengers being offloaded by immigration officers in NAIA. I’ve passed through NAIA’s immigration officers countless times and I have managed to clear immigration each time. I am an ordinary traveler just like you and you should be able to clear immigration as I do.

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Sun Life Mutual Funds Review

My first mutual fund investment is Sun Life Equity Fund. I bought it in November 2012 and until today, the absolute return value is 23%. It’s a good return for a newbie investor like me. And if you’re here looking for the best fund to invest in, Sun Life is a good choice but you have to study and read carefully before making that decision.

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An Overseas Filipino Student

MB Write-up
Manila Bulletin Write-up, August 9, 2009

I wrote this essay six years ago when I was studying master’s in Taiwan. This essay reflects my hopes and dreams at the time. Although some of those dreams changed overtime, I am happy for the person I have become. To this day, I still keep on hoping and dreaming.

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