Taoyuan International Airport to Kaohsiung by High Speed Train


If you need to go to Kaohsiung you probably know by now that flying directly can be more expensive by significant amount compared with flying into Taipei. The reason is simply because there are more available flights to Taipei than to Kaohsiung.

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The Battle at Tainan Flower Garden Night Market

The locals call this Hua-Yuan Yeshi (花園夜市). Taiwan is all about food and night markets are the place where locals eat and is definitely a go-to place after sunset. Night markets can be super crowded on any given day and Flower Garden night market is no exception.

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Taipei basic budget for first time visitors

Most first time visitors in Taiwan explore Taipei exclusively and budget is the most common concern. Taiwan is cheap compared with its Asian neighbors like Seoul, Tokyo, and Singapore.

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An Overseas Filipino Student

MB Write-up
Manila Bulletin Write-up, August 9, 2009

I wrote this essay six years ago when I was studying master’s in Taiwan. This essay reflects my hopes and dreams at the time. Although some of those dreams changed overtime, I am happy for the person I have become. To this day, I still keep on hoping and dreaming.

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What to see in Anping

Anping is the star in Tainan. Well, Tainan is not Taipei and interesting places to see are far less that’s why Anping is already something. Does that description make you visit Tainan already? I bet no but if it happens that you’re in Tainan, might as well check it out.

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