View from N Seoul Tower

Seoul is a mountainous city. You can easily find out that walking in many areas can be a challenge. This is especially true if your mission in Seoul is to go shopping. You don’t want to carry all your stuff while maneuvering a steep climb.



One place that you cannot miss in the city is the N Seoul Tower. Getting here should not be a problem as long as you can understand the subway system. Many people say that the subway is complicated but I’d rather say that the subway would not be as convenient if not for its complexity. The nearest station is Chungmuro  and take Exit 2.


It could be tricky since you need to take a shuttle bus from Exit 2. The name of the bus is Namsan Sunhwan Shuttle Bus No. 2.


After alighting from the bus, you still need to walk a steep climb going to the entrance of N Seoul Tower. Entrance fee for adults is 7,000 won while it’s only 3,000 for children. The best time to go up the observatory is around 5pm so you can enjoy the sunset and night view of the city.


North Korea is less than 200 kilometeres from Seoul.

The pictures I take are not the best but I can guarantee that going up the observatory is worth the effort and money.




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