A night in Hongdae

Seoul is a vibrant city and spending a week here is so easy that you don’t have to worry about running out of things to do. A night in Hongdae is a good idea if you want to witness the youthfulness of Korea. The nearest subway station is Hongik University along the green line.

I’ve been to Seoul several times and I make sure to pay a visit to Hongdae each time. Night time is the best time to visit as university students roam everywhere and hanging out with friends. I am particulary curious about Koreans because of their penchant to hang out in cafes. I observed that most of the cafes are literally packed.



Hongik University is in the area which is famous for its arts program. This explains the massive students in Hongdae although I assume that other students from other universities hangout here often too because the vibe here is so different from other parts of the city. Hongdae has become a trademark and has been known a place for young people in Korea.


Food is everywhere in Hongdae. You have all the choices that can satisfy your hunger. Not surprisingly, most restaurants serve kimchee and customers can have it as much as they want. Kimchee is the national dish of Korea and no wonder they eat it in every meal, lots of them, I mean tons of them.



Hongdae is also a place for street performances. The young people often make the streets their stage to showcase their talents in singing, dancing, or whatever craft they have. I am amazed that people can be so creative complete with their costume and everything. I mean the performance can be so intense that they dance for a good half an hour continuously.


The passion for creativity can be easily observed in Hongdae and no wonder Korea is a global leader in exporting their entertainment industry.


Kimchee is so important in Korea that it is used as a name of a chain of guesthouses in Seoul. I stayed particularly in Kimchee Guesthouse Hongdae and the staff are friendly. Fellow guests are friendly too. There is a cozy place on the second floor where guests can hangout and chat all night.


A night in Hongdae can pass very easily with all the food to enjoy, cafes to hangout, and street performances to watch. I feel like I’m stuck in my youth every time I’m in Hongdae.

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