Ancient Palaces in Seoul

Seeing ancient palaces in Seoul is inevitable when walking. As I like to walk around and exploring without itinerary, I stumbled upon several palaces which names I can’t even remember. Please forgive my laziness to remember their names. There’s only one I can remember which is Gwanghwamun.


Gwanghwamun is probably the most famous due to its location in the city center. Walking around the palace grounds is an awesome experience for me. I try to imagine the time in which the kings and their concubines live in. It’s amazing because Korea has done a good job in preserving their history.


At the same time, I try to imagine the food they eat and their activities during leisure time. Everything is so different now as we get our food from convenience stores and most of us play mobile phones on our leisure time. The atmosphere inside the palace grounds is so surreal, well at least for me.


The architecture of the palaces are also a picture to behold. These were built several hundred years ago and yet they were able to build aesthetically beautiful structures and that could stand the test of time. Palaces in Seoul are too many. Seeing all of them may take two to three days. The subway system can take you to your palace destination with ease.


The Seoul tourism website has  comprehensive information about each palace including entrance fees and opening hours. I only know that some palaces don’t charge entrance fees and some offer tour guides in English for free. Most of the tour guides are student volunteers who major in history or English.

Do I love the palaces in Seoul? Absolutely yes. I can spend my whole day walking around the grounds and admiring the architectures.



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