About me

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I am JP from the Philippines and this blog is about my footsteps on this world. I started traveling in 2009 and has set foot on many places in the Philippines and abroad.

I don’t really count the number of places and countries where I have been to because I value more the experience that I get like understanding cultures and languages through the locals.

I’d rather not represent them as mere numbers but rather as meaningful part of my life as I move on to other places. I have made long-lasting friendships in the process and I value all of them to this day.

I am documenting my footsteps in the hope to inspire others to follow their dreams and to conquer their fears while keeping always in check their past and own footsteps to move forward for the better.

This blog talks about travel, life, financial freedom, and everything in between.

I have an MBA degree from National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan and still debating deep inside my head whether to push through pursuing a doctoral degree.

One million steps start with one.