Motorcycle ride to Hermanus


Hermanus is a small town in Western Cape province. A motorcylce ride from Cape Town means passing by through a wonderful scenery of mountains and of seas. It is about three hours ride depending if your GPS directs you into the right direction or not.

An escape from the city is always a good idea and Hermanus is that escape for people in Cape Town. I made the same escape to experience the countryside. I’ve heard and read a lot of tourist spots in Cape Town but I feel like going off the beaten track will increase my appreciation of the country.

In any case, the road to this town is worth the drive. This is one of my memorable experience in South Africa. I’ll let the pictures the story by itself.


From the side off the road, we felt this is postcard material so we pulled over to capture the mountain view. The weather is perfect during late October. Although the temperature is hot, but the breeze compensate for the heat.



The masterpiece of God is so evident in this side of the world.

One thought on “Motorcycle ride to Hermanus

  1. The pictures speak a thousand words. I also know the roads in that part of the country are an absolute blast on a bike. One of the best spots in the country by far.


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