Stopover in Hong Kong


Hong Kong is a popular tourist destination among Filipinos because of visa-free privilege that we enjoy. Although it’s sometimes become overrated, Hong Kong remains a good place to go to relax and enjoy. But if you are in the city for a stopover, time is of the essence.

The view of the famous skyline on a rather gloomy day. The skies aren’t very clear at the time of my visit and it’s a pity I only have the whole day and there’s no chance for another day to take this picture again. Well, maybe in the near future.

Hong Kong is a safe place and there is absolutely no safety issue in taking public transportation. English signs are everywhere and there is no need to ask a random person on the street for directions. The MTR is an amazing way to get around.


The double-decker bus is a unique sight in Asia which is the legacy of the British in this part of the world. From the Airport, you can take MTR, taxi, or the double-decker bus. I chose to take the double-decker for experience and took me straight to Tsim Tsa Shui.

Tsim Tsa Shui is the heart of Hong Kong. This is the shopping district of Hong Kong. I noticed the abundance of Lookfook Jewellery shops which cater mainly to Chinese mainland tourists. There are so many Lookfook shops in this area that I can’t help but to enter in one of them. I’m not a jewelry expert so I can’t say for sure if these are good finds.


Taking the ferry to cross between islands in Hong Kong should not be missed. Feel like a local by taking this ferry with Hong Kongers on board on their daily commute. The sunset was a bonus for me.


This picture describes the spirit of Hong Kong. Neon lights abound and the lively feel of the city is awake till late at night.


Walking the streets of Tsim Tsa Shui area would give you a feel of the Chinese and modern confluence of this former British colony.


A stop in Hong Kong cannot be complete without taking the Peak Tram to see the view of the famous skyline. Taking the tram can take some time and a lot of patience since the line can be long and disorganized. Disorganized in the sense that there are several lines leading to the window tickets. Due to the long lines, you won’t be able to distinguish which line you should fall into and might end up on the wrong line after waiting for a good 20 minutes or so.


Even after buying the ticket, this is the line before you can take the tram. Waiting time is tolerable and can only take less than 10 minutes.


This park called Jiu Long or 9 Dragons is a rare sight in Hong Kong amidst the high rise towers that dot the city. It is located at the heart of Tsim Tsa Shui and walking around here can give you a break from the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong.

20151022_133826I can’t remember the exact location of this street where there are figures of cartoon characters that are home-grown in Hong Kong.

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