A walk around suburban Cape Town


The beach in Fish Hoek area is clean and entrance is free which is great for budget travelers. The mountains are immediately beside the beach which makes a great view at any time of the day. I also noticed that there’s not much people unlike the popular beaches that we have back home. I easily noticed that there are no vendors who will harass you to purchase unnecessary items while you are in the mood for relaxation and silence. In other words, this place is a real getaway from the crowd and noise.


The Cape Town Metro passes by this beach and the view from the train is equally spectactular. When I was here, there are a handful of people kayaking. This brings me to another “weird” observation that kayak shops are nowhere to be found. I got really curious if people here know how to do business or they are simply rich enough to ignore the opportunities. I don’t know the answer but as for me, I had a great time walking along Fish Hoek beach.


Birds are having their great time too. Their formation seems that they are going to have some kind of performance or something. Nature is really entertaining. Watching them do their natural thing is an amazaing sight to behold.


Another sight to behold along this shore is Muizenberg Station which is part of the Cape Town Metro system. I’ve never been to Europe but the atmosphere and architecture resembles the buildings in the Netherlands which I see on TV and internet.


Sea lions are also sleeping and walking free along the shore except that I disturbed them as I am curious to take pictures. I didn’t try to pet them as that may turn out to be a stupid idea.


A taste of a traditional South African snack fish and chips is appropriate before ending the day. The chips they call is called french fries where I come from and it seems hard to accept that this is considered chips here. I may have to concede because I’m a visitor and it tastes perfect with the fish so no big deal after all for their term.


This sunset capped my day in suburban Cape Town.

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