Taoyuan International Airport to Kaohsiung by High Speed Train


If you need to go to Kaohsiung you probably know by now that flying directly can be more expensive by significant amount compared with flying into Taipei. The reason is simply because there are more available flights to Taipei than to Kaohsiung.

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Jumping in Enchanted River

Caution: Don’t jump if you can’t swim.

Enchanted River is located in the sleepy town of Hinatuan in Surigao del Sur province. The river is called enchanted due to its unknown depth and that fairies gather during here during the night. According to locals, no one has ever reached the bottom of the river yet.

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Four hour layover in Bangkok

Bangkok is a major city in Southeast Asia and a destination of its own. But for many travelers who are only in transit en route to other provinces in Thailand or to other countries, there are worthy things to do while waiting for your next flight.

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Singapore at a glance

Visitors have the impression that this city state is small in size. While it is true, it does not capture the reality that there are as much things to do and places to see here compared with larger countries. It is especially true for me as I prefer to walk rather than take the public transport.

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The Battle at Tainan Flower Garden Night Market

The locals call this Hua-Yuan Yeshi (花園夜市). Taiwan is all about food and night markets are the place where locals eat and is definitely a go-to place after sunset. Night markets can be super crowded on any given day and Flower Garden night market is no exception.

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