Four hour layover in Bangkok

Bangkok is a major city in Southeast Asia and a destination of its own. But for many travelers who are only in transit en route to other provinces in Thailand or to other countries, there are worthy things to do while waiting for your next flight.



Suvarnabhumi International Airport is the main airport and most international flights arrive here. If you’re landing in this airport, transportation going to the city center can take about 45 minutes through the Airport Rail Link. This is the most convenient transport and cost effective as well. Taking a taxi is not an option as traffic jam in Bangkok is unforgiving.


Don Mueang Airport is the other airport serving the city. Its distance to the center is shorter as it is located within Bangkok. The aiport is also connected to Airport Rail Link.


Once in the city, money exchange service is plentiful although you may want to do a little bit of shopping as to which shop gives the most favorable rate. In any case, a four hour tour of the city would not cost much as Thailand is not an expensive city.



The Bangkok Grand Palace is a must-see in the city. The entrance fee is 500 baht. It used to be the official residence of the Kings of Siam (I think Siam is the old name of Thailand). The palace ground is massive and the architecture of the buildings are sights to behold. The only drawback in this place is that it is always packed with tourists. Taking a picture can prove difficult.



The weather in Bangkok can also be your worst enemy. It’s hot and humid almost all year round and occasional rains could happen in any given day too. Be prepared to be either soaked in your own sweat or soaked in rainwater or even both. A bottle of water can be bought anywhere but I suggest to buy it in 7-11 or other convenience stores for safety purposes.

Walking around the palace could consume one to two hours and after eating is a good activity after that. The nearby food stalls scattered along the streets cannot be missed. There are hundreds of choices if you’re appetite is strong enough to take even the weird stuff which include insects and other unimaginable creatures of the earth.

MK Restaurant is a good choice to dine in. It’s a hotspot restaurant and have several branches in Bangkok. My Thai friend recommended this to me and I thanked her for that. There is a lot of variety of food served and I think the highlight of MK are the sauces which they offer with different spices. At the end of your meal, they will even give you the amount of calories that you consumed. I suggest not to look at it. After all, you deserve a great time in Bangkok. And did I mention that it’s cheap to dine here? A meal could only cost 200 baht.


After eating, you shall have enough time to go back to the airport. If you still have enough time after checking in for your flight, you can try the famous Thai sweet stick rice with mango. They serve it with coconut juice where you can deep the rice and mango. I forgot the name of the restaurant in Suvarnabhumi Airport but I can assume there are several places in the airport that serve this delicacy.

By the time you have consumed your dessert, you’re off to your next destination.

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