The Battle at Tainan Flower Garden Night Market

The locals call this Hua-Yuan Yeshi (花園夜市). Taiwan is all about food and night markets are the place where locals eat and is definitely a go-to place after sunset. Night markets can be super crowded on any given day and Flower Garden night market is no exception.

Flower Garden is the largest night market in Tainan and open on certain days of the week. On days that it is closed, Datong night market is open. In other words, there is always a night market open everyday. Schedule varies and it is advisable to ask a local which one is open for a particular day. Every person in Tainan should know the information as going to night market is their favorite leisure.

From a distance, one can easily spot the bright lights. People from all social classes meet here. This is Taiwan’s night market culture.

Most food you will find are finger foods or snacks but there are some stalls selling meals with rice or noodles. Price range for eating here costs around Nt50 to 100 and I personally would spend between Nt150 and 300 to get full.

Since night market is all about eating, I might as well shut up and let the food speak for itself.

Coming here is like going to war. You have to fight through the crowd and definitely not for the faint of hearts.


Those who are brave enough are rewarded to indulge in countless varieties of food.




Whether you like your food fried, deep fried, grilled, or raw, there is something for your growling stomach. The colors of night market will surely increase your appetite to consume more food than usual.


As you battle through the crowd, you will notice that this battle is worth fighting. Along the way, you will find strange food and smell. But this shouldn’t stop you from trying them. Physical appearacne and smell can be deceiving. Let your taste buds decide.

Health conscious people can enjoy here as well. Flower Garden night market doesn’t discriminate. You just have to continue squeezing into the crowd until you find the right match for you.



If eating while walking is not your thing, you can find a place like this where you can relax and eat and go back to your senses. Because after a while, you have to stand up and give up your seat for the waiting customers.


Things can become super strange with these worms with origins unkown. I only know they came from beneath the earth.

There is also a place where you can play games. I find more adults playing than kids. Maybe this is the effect of hangover from food binge. This phenomenon needs an in-depth study.

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