Walking in Kaohsiung

Whenever I set foot in a new place, I tend to observe more than the typical tourist. The typical tourist doesn’t waste time and usually follows a jam-packed itinerary. In my case, I do the opposite.

I arrived in Kaohsiung not to tour the city but to walk around the city. Arriving from the Kaohsiung main station, I did not take a taxi but instead looked at the map and decided which direction I should walk. The problem is that I don’t have a particular destination to go to, which means I decide based on the things I see on the map.


I take pictures simultaneously as I walk and I have to admit that I don’t take the best pictures or even compete with others. My pictures only serve as reminders where I have been and remember the story behind them.


I would say Kaohsiung impressed me at first glance. I sense a feeling of it being a small city yet possesses the luxury of big cities as it has two lines of MRT which they call KMRT for obvious reasons. Although I heard that it loses money due to small ridership. This picture of Central Park Station says a lot and it’s taken during rush hour.


Everything is well organized. Bike for rent is available along the main roads. I’m not aware how it works but I think a deposit has to be made to unlock the bicycles and one may leave it at any station in the city.


I didn’t rent one because I don’t know how to make it work and I love walking. Or maybe I’m being a cheapskate or both. Whatever it may be, I continued walking and I saw directions going to night markets and there are three of them. There’s Guanghua, Nanhua, and Jhongsiao night markets. This is just one indication that Taiwanese love night markets. It’s their obsession. But the sun just rose so it wouldn’t be an option until sunset.



Kaohsiung is nice for another reason that it is not crowded. Everytime I arrive in a new place, I always consider the thought of living or even settling and Kaohsiung is definitely one place I can find myself in. It wouldn’t be a tough decision if there’s an opportunity. Although I hate the irresponsible person who threw that bottle of water.


The city is set on a mountain and a sea on the other side. I really love the scenery here especially the location of Sun Yat-sen University. I would love to study here just to admire the scenery each day.


Then there’s the old British consulate here which is not far from the university and now converted to a musuem. The entrance is free.


I spent a lot of time sitting down in any random spot and would watch the locals pass by. I just find pleasure in doing that. I’m curious as to how they live their everyday life.

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