Xiamen to Fuzhou by high-speed train

High-speed train is a popular choice among travelers from Xiamen to Fuzhou and vice versa. There are trains throughout the day and advance booking is not necessary unless it’s a national holiday, but morning trains tend to be packed everyday.

Morning rush at Xiamen train station

From Xiamen University hospital in the city center, Bus No. 57 will take you directly to Xiamen main station for one yuan. Trave from the university hospital to the train station is around six kilometers and you cannot miss it as many people go down at this station.


Buying a train ticket in China requires proof of identification. Foreigners can present passport and the passport number will actually be printed on the ticket itself. This means that the ticket is non-transferable. Although from experience, no one checks the ticket.

I find presenting identification weird since it’s only a train ticket but I learned from a local later on that they prevent people from hoarding tickets especially during national holidays. That makes sense. Price for the cheapest ticket is 80.5 yuan. The seat is comfortable enough with two seats on each side of the aisle.

There are several platforms inside the train station and you should ask a personnel to confirm which gate and platform you should be on. I noticed that Chinese aren’t much willing to help and they easily lose their cool when asked by people.

Screen indicating train speed and outside temperature

Restrooms are clean inside the train and train attendants sell snacks too. The train speed accelerates up to 200km per hour and you will arrive in Fuzhou in two hours.

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