Amazing Things About Korea

1. Jimjibang

24-hour jimjibang in Seoul

Jimjibang or public bath is a place where Koreans go to relax after a busy day. This place is a gem for backpackers as overnight stay is allowed and for a minimum fee of 12, 000 won. You can easily spot a jimjibang everywhere you go in Korea. There are usually signs which says ’24’ which means that it is open 24 hours.

Hot water at 1:40am

There are separate areas for bathing for men and women but the sleeping area is common. They also sell snacks and light meals and lockers are provided for your valuables. Truly, jimjibang is a backpacker’s dream.

Sauna room

2. Food serving

Spicy squid rice with four side dishes and a soup

The food serving in Korea is always huge but the price is not. A regular meal costs 5,000 to 8,000 won which comes with at least four side dishes. On top of that, kimchee and yellow radish are unlimited in most restaurants. They make sure customers walk away satisfied and full.

3. Safety first

Sign inside a subway station in Seoul

South Korea’s biggest threat is its neighbor to the north. Although you would not feel any tension there, the government makes sure that people are safe in times of need. Subway stations serve as evacuation center and are equipped with supply, first aid, tools, and equipment should the worst happen. The next time you visit Korea, don’t ever assume the ‘shelter’ signs allow you to sleep there.

4. Pedestrians and bikers are king

Pedestrian and bike lanes along Han river

Along the stretch of Han River in Seoul is an 80-kilometer long of pedestrian and biking lanes (40 kilometers on each side). Pedestrians and bikers are king as lanes in some sections are even wider compared with vehicle lanes.

5. Street art

Umbrella art outisde Seoul City Hall

Korea ensures that people don’t get bored while walking on the street. Street arts are placed everywhere and they come in different forms, shapes, and sizes to make sure you don’t get bored looking at them . They are that serious to make your life entertained while walking on the street.

Wall art in Busan
Random street art in Seoul

This list is not exclusive and I’m sure there are many more amazing things in Korea. But these are the things that get stuck in my head. I’m sure to discover more on my next visit.

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