Foreigners without passport can take domestic flights in the Philippines

PAL flight to Caticlan at NAIA

Over the past few months, I was trying to search if it’s possible for foreigners in the Philippines to check-in for a flight without a passport. As you probably know, foreigners in the Philippines applying for a working visa could take months.

During this time, the passport  is in the custody of the immigration. I have colleagues who are in this situation but they need to take a domestic flight but I could not find a direct answer on the internet. I sent an email to Philippine Airlines where my friend was booked but I was only given a vague answer that the passenger must present a valid ID issued by the government.

Without having concrete answer, my friend took the risk of presenting his company ID upon check-in. The PAL agent did not ask any question.

Several weeks later, another friend in the same situation flew with Cebu Pacific and Air Asia. He presented his company ID in both ocassions and was able to checked in smoothly. They don’t check the validity whatsoever of the ID. They are only concerned with the name written on it.

So now it is confirmed that all three major airlines in the Philippines allow foreigners to fly domestic flights even without a passport. If you don’t have a company ID for some reason or another, just make one. Photo shops in the Philippines offer this service. You only need to provide them with picture and they will gladly make a random company ID for you.

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