Why I still fly Malaysia Airlines

With two accidents haunting the airliner this year, I’m still convinced that Malaysia Airlines is worth flying with. I’m not saying that those two major accidents don’t resonate in my head, but I’m being realistic that accidents do happen, anytime and anywhere, and to any airline too.

Fear is the greatest stumbling that can happen to mankind. This doesn’t pertain necessarily to flying but with any life’s circumstance. In the present case, I still fly with Malaysia Airlines because it’s convenient for me to do so. They offer lower fares compared with other airlines in the region.

And for me as budget traveler, price is the deciding factor. Ok let’s admit it. If the airline is not safe at all, Malaysian regulator would indeed issue a suspension order against it, but that doesn’t happen until now. One may argue that since Malaysia Airline is owned by the government, it wouldn’t act against itself. That is certainly true but regulators of the other countries where it flies could also ban any airline they deem unsafe. Again, no other country has banned Malaysia Airline so far.

My case would have been different had any of my friends or family perished in the accident as I would become emotionally affected by the incidents. I totally understand the sentiments of people for avoiding this airline either temporarily or for good.

I’m only airing my concern that this airline has flown me safe to my destination and on-time which is hardly the case for virtually all airlines in the Philippines. As long as they fly to my destination and offer the best fare,  I would continue flying Malaysia Airline. The service is good and transit in KLIA is breeze.

I’m certain that I’m not the only who continues flying with them as there are still hundreds of passengers during my last flight. And they continue to operate as normal in KLIA. There is absolutely nothing to worry about.


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