Fongshan just for fun

There are days that I get super bored in my rented apartment and I just think of taking a train somewhere and unwind. This is one of those days. I went to Tainan train station without a plan.

Fongshan Train Station

After getting there, I stumbled upon an unsed ticket to Fongshan. Bingo! I’m going there. I checked the map and it’s in the southern direction. I think it’s part of Kaohsiung. Anyway it’s not that far and perfect for my purpose of killing time somewhere else than to spend the whole time in my room.

After some 20 minutes on the train, I arrived in Fongshan. It’s a typical small Taiwan city. It’s not a tourist destination at all. There are taxis waiting outside the station but I didn’t bother. I walked along the main road for a good 20 minutes.


I passed by an old train housed in a small outdoor musuem. Maybe it’s the old Fongshan station.


Nearby that old train is a stream where people jog and rest. I followed the stream.

I thought I was going nowhere and asked some locals where can a tourist go. They seem confused as if I am crazy for being in Fongshan in the first place. I was pointed to go to the old wall of Fongshan which sounds nice and off I went.


It’s starting to get dark. I thought I should have gone earlier but I also thought if I came earlier, most probably I wouldn’t stumble upon the train ticket so I resigned to the idea that everything has purpose. Well, my purpose now is to find that old wall of Fongshan before sunset.

I asked for few more locals until I reached the place, albeit the sun already set. I realized that the view is better at night as the lights make the walls look dramatic. It reminded me of Intramuros but on a smaller scale. The walls aren’t high but I would say that it’s well maintained. I took a few pictures before going back to the train station.

Although it was a short trip, I’m glad I discovered something again in Taiwan apart from my usual environment in Tainan. I look forward to seeing more off the beaten places.


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