Epic Meinung Folk Village cycling trip

A weekend to Meinung Folk Village in Kaohsiung County is a nice idea but triding a bicycle all the way down there may not be the best idea for people without adequate training.

Ok, it’s given. My friends and I already set the time at 5am to meet in front of NCKU Kuang-Fu campus. We planned to cycle to Meinung and enjoy the sunrise and beautiful scenes along the way. We looked at the map and it looked doable, seriously. It’s like this should be a piece of cake.



We thought we could arrive in Meinung around 8am, our very conservative estimate since we are all amatuer cyclists with practically no training. The first ten kilometers was exciting as we were threading out of Tainan city soaking in the fresh air of dawn.


It was not too long before we hit the zigzag road going up the hill. There were two women in our group. The four guys could handle better. As we follow the zigzag road, the terrain becomes harder and harder.


We came to the point that we need to rest every five minutes, literally. To our disappointment, we looked at the map and we’re not even halfway there.


We rested countless times along the side of the road while chatting about our stupidity. Those were light conversations and we just made fun of ourselves. It’s part of the adventure and fun as we all agreed.


The cycle continued as we don’t have any other choice but to push through. Soon, we were all looking for a convenience store to relieve our hunger from cycling up the hill. But we were in the middle of the zigzag road still. You know you’re in trouble in Taiwan when you can’t find a convenience store. It only means that you’re in a remote place far from civilization. That’s what we felt.


It was 9am. Four hours into our crazy cycling trip. The sun was fully out and we’re still nowhere near the destination. The 8am arrival estimate proved to be a dream. But at least we’re savoring the countryside of Taiwan, far from the city we live in.


12 noon and we finally arrived. We were greeted by a huge sign of Meinung Folk Village. The colors of the flowers were so bright and beautiful that it compensated our energy coming here. Pink and yellow were the colors. I thought they smell nice but seems they’re odorless.




It took us sometime to enjoy the scenery that waited for us and it’s just a magical feeling arriving here after the long winding road. The thought of taking the same road going back was all on our heads. We couldn’t process that much in the meantime. We were like warriors who can’t back down.


We had a good and rather big meal before heading back to Tainan. Almost five hours later, we arrived home. We can barely bid each other goodbye and parted ways unconcsiously and I passed out as soon as I hit the bed.


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