Sun Moon Lake

Sun Moon Lake is a popular destination in Taiwan. As for me, it’s another place for walking as I indulge myself in the beautiful scenery surrounding this lake in central Taiwan.

For starters, you might be surprised that Sun Moon Lake is a little far from Taipei. It is about 250km south of the capital but going here isn’t much of a problem because of the superb transportation in the island.


You can take a high-speed train or by regular bus depending on how much time you have but in either case, you need to make a transfer to another bus which will take you directly to the lake. Taking a high-speed train will take around two hours and by regular bus maybe four hours including waiting time and asking for directions. If you can’t speak Chinese, add another a good amount of time asking people for directions.


The good news is that Taiwanese are very friendly people and would accommodate you to the best they can so there is not much concern about it. Upon arriving at Sun Moon Lake, you will notice that there are many people especially during holidays and weekends. Taking a picture won’t be a problem despite the crowd.  Mainland Chinese tourists also tend to flock to Sun Moon Lake.


According to my Chinese friend, they become aware of it through textbooks in elementary. And so they are curious of what it looks like in reality. Personally, I like the place because it’s far from the hustle and bustle of the city. I love walking and I’m willing to walk around the vicinity for a good two to three hours or even more.


For the typical tourist, I’m afraid that you will rate this place as not very good since there’s not much to do beside the lake. You might think that the lake is cool enough to take ten or even twenty pictures with different angles. But once taking picture is over, there’s not much activity to do except walking down the old street where you can eat food which is not unique since old streets are virtually scattered all around Taiwan.

You might think that coming here is a waste of time and effort considering its distance from Taipei. It really depends on the person but it would all boil down to your outlook in life. People travel to enjoy and relax and those people who travel only to complain and complain about things are missing the whole point of traveling.

Personally, I love Sun Moon Lake. I shall you again soon.

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