What to see in Anping

Anping is the star in Tainan. Well, Tainan is not Taipei and interesting places to see are far less that’s why Anping is already something. Does that description make you visit Tainan already? I bet no but if it happens that you’re in Tainan, might as well check it out.


Anping tree house is famous here. The roots of the tree are enormous that it covered all corners of the house. Entrance fee is Nt 50.

Anping old street is famous for its traditional snacks like the crackers that you can see when you walk along this old street. Also, the oyster cake is a must-try. You should not leave Tainan without trying.

Fort Zeelandia Museum

Tainan weather can be uncomfortable hot during the day not to mention during summer and bringing an umbrella especially for those skin conscious is a must. Everything in Anping is within walking distance.

The Fort Zeelandia is another place to see in Anping. It is a fortress built by the Dutch in 1624. There is a lighthouse and musuem inside. Roaming around the place takes about 30 to 45 minutes depending if you find pleasure in reading all the history accounts in the museum.

Narrow Alley in Anping

Along the old street, there are many restaurants and tea shops. It is worthwhile to eat lunch there. You can also explore the narrow alleys to have an authentic feel of ancient Taiwan.

Going to Anping from Tainan train station is easily accessible by bus located in front. There are several routes in that bus stop. Unfortunately, everything is written in Chinese. Ask a local and they are willing to help which bus number you should take. Taiwanese are friendly so no need to worry. Fare is Nt 20 and may take 20 minutes.

Alternatively, you can take a taxi which can cost Nt 200. Nt 8o is the minimum fare of taxi in Taiwan. Make sure the driver use meter. Otherwise, find another taxi.

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