Directions to Tainan Confucius Temple

For many who don’t know, Tainan is the oldest city in Taiwan and houses many cultural relics. Tainan Confucius Temple is the first Confucius Temple in Taiwan and was erected in 1665. That’s more than 300 years of history.


The temple is located in the corner of Fuqian and Nanmen roads. If you’re coming from the train station. Taking a taxi could cost you NT 100 or even less. It’s around five minute ride only. NT 80 is the minimum charge of taxi in Taiwan. If you have scooter, from the train station, take Zhongshan road until you reach the roundabout where you should turn to Nanmen road and you should see Confucius Temple to your right.

Entrance is free of charge and open all days of the week.

The temple is unique because it is set in a garden-like setting. The typical temple in Taiwan does not have much physical space so this one is unique in that sense.


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