NCKU Campus

NCKU is located in the middle of Tainan City. If you arrive here by bus or train from Taipei, chances are you will arrive in the main train station. The campus is located on the rear side of the station and you should follow signs leading to the back side.

This is my first time setting foot on NCKU. I’m going to start learning Chinese here in a few weeks time. It’s the end of August but still the weather is scorching hot. This weather is still better than typhoon days I guess.


The campus is like a big garden. The old Banyan trees in Banyan garden are the center of attraction in NCKU. I’ve heard that Banyan is the national tree of Taiwan and the government spends a significant amount to protect these trees.


There is also a man-made lake in front of Foreign Languages and Chinese Literature Departments. I see myself hanging around here during break times when classes start.

The campus is peppered with artworks. They are everywhere and in different shapes and sizes.


Bicycles are parked everywhere. I’ve never seen so many bicycles until I came here. I need to get one for myself soon as it is the mode of transportation for students. Tainan is a small city. Although there are buses, I don’t know how to use them. I’m going to rely on a bicycle for now.

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